When ZURP approached us, their brief was clear-cut yet challenging – they wanted to be a banking app that didn’t resemble a traditional banking app.

Funded by MagicVC, ZURP aspired to revolutionise the banking sector by creating a new kind of app – one that gives back to the community. They envisaged a platform where the banking fees are channelled into investments in your favourite artists, supporting those who inspire and enrich your life.


ZURP came to us with a concept. They had a powerful idea, but needed assistance in moulding it into a robust, vibrant brand that would make waves in the market, particularly among the discerning, tech-savvy Gen-Z audience. It was a call for us to think out of the box, to defy conventions, and to create something that resonated with a generation that values novelty, authenticity, and purpose.

Our journey began by familiarising ourselves with the brand’s mission, values, and target demographic. We wanted to ensure that the new brand we were creating would not only reflect ZURP’s innovative approach to banking, but also their commitment to supporting artists and engaging with the Gen-Z audience. We were tasked with not just designing an identity but crafting a message, a lifestyle, a movement.

The creation of ZURP’s brand identity revolved around an ingenious and highly-flexible logo – the Z. The Z served as a dynamic graphic device that could house the content and creators ZURP would partner with.

This unique design approach meant that whoever ZURP collaborated with became their brand’s lead creative direction and core palette. A brand identity that was not static, but ever-evolving – reflecting the dynamism of the brand, its partners, and its users.

We then worked hand in hand with ZURP to extend this vibrant identity into their digital designs. We wanted to ensure that their interface was just as exciting, engaging, and user-friendly as the brand itself. A brand that would not just live on your phone, but would become a part of your lifestyle, seamlessly integrating with your daily routine, interests, and aspirations.

Perhaps the most exciting phase of our journey was translating this brand identity into ZURP’s partner hypereel pitch video. We knew this video was crucial in not only attracting potential partners but also in showcasing ZURP’s unique value proposition and brand ethos.

We’ve built a brand that shatters the norm, supports creativity, and speaks to a new generation of banking customers. A brand that we are proud to have been a part of. But this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see where ZURP’s journey takes them next, and how they continue to redefine what a banking app can be.

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