Earlier this year embarked on a long (and somewhat eventful) journey from Clerkenwell to Morocco for an exciting project.

Brilliant Planet operates a unique sustainability model in the remote desert of Akhfennir, Morocco. Here, they create giant ponds and harness the natural power of algae to capture CO2 and convert it into stable biomass.

When their team came knocking, asking for a fresh brand identity, website, photography and video productionโ€ฆ We couldnโ€™t resist the adventure.


650 million

Years ago an explosion of algae kick started human life. Now it may be able to enable life in a different way.


2,263 miles

To travel from our London studio to the almighty Brilliant Planet ponds - out in the Moroccan desert.



Geeky and grammatically passionate slides made for the = vs : debate, concerning the tagline Business = Blooming.


CEO says

โ€œ5/5 stars... professional engagement, very organised, enthusiastic team. No complaints!โ€ Brilliant Planet CEO.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Harm โ€“ Brand Partner
Gabie โ€“ Brand Strategy
Jake โ€“ Creative Direction
Alisha โ€“ Graphic Design
Lucy โ€“ Graphic Design
Andy โ€“ Motion Design
Millie โ€“ Digital Brand Partner
Guy โ€“ Front End Development
Sam โ€“ Managing Director


Imagโ€™in Frame โ€“ Moroccan Video Crew


Leadership Team โ€“ Brilliant Planet

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