The Playground design and produce iconic live experiences. And when we say iconic, we mean Beyoncรฉ iconic.

This is a collective of truly passionate creatives at the top of their game. They came to us for an identity that reflected their joyful, curious and candid approach.

The big challenge was that The Playgroundโ€™s ID needed to pack a punch whilst also being able to hero busy and diverse stage photography. Throughout our creative process, we explored themes such as fandom, euphoria, rhythm and perspective with the client โ€“ we had a lot of fun, and we think it showsโ€ฆ



The Playground amplifies the worldโ€™s biggest shows: Coldplay, The Oscars, Jay Z, Paramore, Saturday Night live.



The amount of 3D shapes illustrated and animated to become our abstract, but extremely characterful brand mascots.



... and punk neons inspired the colour palette heavily here. They look great against the dark photography... and side sweep fringes.


+ x =

The symbols convey the brandโ€™s continuous growth, collaboration and drive for artistic collaboration..

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Harm โ€“ Brand Partner
Gabie โ€“ Brand Strategy
Jake โ€“ Creative Direction
Alisha โ€“ Graphic Design
Andy โ€“ Motion Design
Millie โ€“ Digital Brand Partner
Guy โ€“ Front End Development
Sam โ€“ Managing Director


Hup.Studio โ€“ 3D Illustrations


Sooner Routhier, USA โ€“ Founder

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