Nutritional yeast is a vegan kitchen essential. It provides a range of vitamins, minerals and most importantly – gives a cheesy flavour.

Whilst the product category had been stagnant for decades, the vegan audience had rapidly evolved into something cooler. We saw an opportunity to innovate.

From brand strategy, to packaging, to fulfilment, to custom Shopify sites… we designed Notorious Nooch from the ground up. The final result is brave, imaginative and very tasty.

We have released three great flavours so far and have retail partners all over the UK. We have loved watching our first in-house brand grow and have big plans for it’s future!

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Jake – Creative Direction
Lucy – Graphic Design
Andy – Motion Design
Sam – Managing Director


André Pereira – 3D Illustration


Rosie Dallas, UK – CEO

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