Rice + Roman has a exciting new vision for their business, but were unsure how to express it. Enter: Wildish & Co. Their ambition was to elevate their image from local to national, echoing the prestige of focus of property companies such as Inigo and Modern House.

We were challenged to tailor an identity for a 60+ audience (and their children) that felt both secure and luxurious.

Throughout our usual strategy-led and collaborative creative process; we made deisgn decisions that would position the brand as timeless, aspirational and serene. Choices such as the forest green and pastels soothe, whilst the occasional orange touches modernise.

Overall we needed to let the property images take centre stage, framing them as something expertly selected.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Harm – Brand Partner
Gabie – Brand Strategy
Jake – Creative Direction
Lucy – Graphic Design
Millie – Digital Brand Partner
Guy – Front End Development
Sam – Managing Director
Andy – Motion Design


Josh Rice & Tom Roman – Founders

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