Recently acquired by Semrush, Prowly were looking to overhaul their identity to reflect their evolution from tech start-up to serious market leader.

With Prowly, you can find relevant media contacts, create and send press releases, track mentions, build reports, and more. Prowly has everything to get your PR work done.

Our brief was to create a brand that felt like a natural build on where they’d come from, but still moved the needle along as a new brand for the market.

In Discovery, it was clear that we needed to build a brand that had its roots in the world of print and editorial. We wanted to bring in the essences of paper texture and a Serif font that strongly connected this world to Prowly’s brand purpose. 

We mapped the creative territories around tech start-ups, looking at the rules of the worlds and exploring how we could deliver a rebrand that felt true to the Prowly identity whilst also creating something highly impactful and unique.

One of the styles we loved was inter-weaving illustrations in key lines and lock-ups. It felt like a great device for us to mix media and bring the traditional editorial world fully into online, whilst still adding meaning and elevating the lines themselves. 

In concepting, we begun to explore the bright tones in the Prowly palette. Using these punchier colours to help cut-through a noisy and ‘samey’ crowded landscape but also give the brand a flexibility to easily edit or own any image.

Because we wanted to use illustrations to depict abstract user cases and scenes, we knew we had to find an illustrator that could really bring the brand to life – adding a real sense of character and personality to the brand we were building.

Prowly fell in love with Chester’s work right from Discovery so we commissioned him to build out a set of branded illustrations and scenes for them. We had moments made, big and small, which all helped to bring the visual identity together, elevating an editorially-inspired brand into something truly unique and special.

We loved working with Prowly and in the tech space, it’s fantastic to see the new brand being rolled out globally on their site and socials as well as in key communications across channels and we can’t wait to see where they go next with the brand.

Project Credits

Illustrator – Chester Holme

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