Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra

The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the UK’s leading symphony orchestras, providing high-quality performances, a local education programme and outreach work, as well as an expanding catalogue of recordings.

Having built a reputation for world-class music performances in Oxford and beyond, the Orchestra attracts artists at the peaks of their international careers, and collaborates regularly with some of the world’s most renowned soloists and conductors.

Approaching its 25th anniversary, the Orchestra were looking for a partner to support them in their rejuvenation project, including the redesign and consolidation of their brand and a new website.

The purpose of the project was to help revive the Orchestra’s branding, bringing it in line with a modern audience, while also communicating their brand positioning. In doing so, the aim was to increase sales and donations and brand awareness, while also improving their online presence.

We worked on the brand design, articulation and strategy for the project.

We wanted some of the graphic devices to really showcase what the brand is all about – the music – so we developed the waves used throughout the brand symbol to mimic sound waves from actual pieces of music by the Orchestra.

The brand lockup was designed to create a sense of flow and movement, with interactivity between the characters, and the colour palette was taken from the incredibly intricate roof design of the Sheldonian theatre where the Orchestra calls home.

We created a clean, elegant and modern brand for the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra that reflects the unique position they hold in the UK orchestral landscape.

Combining the sophistication and beautiful atmosphere of the Sheldonian theatre with an upbeat, bright and contemporary style helps to bring the Orchestra into a new era – ready to see them through their 25th anniversary and beyond.

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