Good People Agency

Good People Agency was founded on the mantra of ‘community first and industry second’. 

Working with distributors from California to Christchurch, they represent a portfolio of streetwear brands including TSPTR, Stutterheim, Kleman, Knickerbocker, Native North and Monokel Eyewear.

Choosing to work with brands who share their vision, energy and commitment to an easy going lifestyle, Good People Agency utilises messaging that translates across all four corners of the globe.

As a team that used to work in fashion, the Good People Agency have a vision of a better way of doing things – simply by being nice to each other. They built their agency on the belief that they didn’t need to rely on the cut-throat mentalities of the industry they were in.

To reflect their friendly, laid-back and refreshingly down-to-earth positioning, Good People Agency came to us in need of a new identity that represented their portfolio of existing streetwear brands whilst connecting with global distributors.

They were struggling to create their brand identity and voice, and decided an objective partner could help to portray their brand in the industry.

To create a visual representation of Good People Agency’s vision, we delivered a full brand system and responsive new website to a tight deadline, ensuring the branding exercise was rolled out prior to the A/W 2021 season.

We helped them create a new identity that had a voice and soul, one that gave their featured brands room to breathe whilst demonstrating that they too were a brand in their own right.

We delivered a responsive logo design, palette, typography, iconography and social templates, alongside the new site and brand showroom. The aim was to give Good People Agency everything they needed to grow their community, their way.


"They were open and honest with me from the start. They truly went above and beyond to help me feel at ease, listened to everything I said and never missed a detail."

John Kiszely

Good People Agency, Owner

Every one of Good People Agency’s clients were genuine friends first and foremost, so they wanted to re-enter the market with a strong positioning that was not just cool but authentic, impactful & memorable.

Pulling inspiration from the vintage California surf scene, we helped put together a distinct brand world that played on a good time vibe that reflected their easy-going nature. 

“We are incredibly proud of the work the team has done, creating a brand with voice and soul, and one which not only gives our featured clients room to breathe, but also helps us build a solid brand in our own right.”

John Kiszely

Good People Agency, Owner

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