Cult Mia

We partnered with Cult Mia to create a new identity for their brand that’s anything but ordinary. 

Cult Mia is an independent fashion platform that scouts the world for see-and-be-seen hero pieces. They approached us as a quickly-growing business that were looking to overhaul their current look-and-feel and to represent the direction they were heading in: luxury, sophisticated and totally unique. They came to us with a brand strategy fully formed, ready to hit the ground running and build out their new visual identity and brand system.

We helped Cult Mia construct a new brand system that made them the hero of their story. 

Their new identity is led by a dual purpose icon, designed to create balance within the wordmark. This looped ‘M’ also serves as a subtle reminder of Cult Mia’s promise of sustainability. Throughout the design process we continued to use the device as inspiration for different elements, such as in the patterning. Patterns are utilised across packaging and photography, laying the foundations for Cult Mia to be a brand with an authentic personality and self-assured TOV.  

To transform Cult Mia from a business into a brand, we took them through our 5-step process.

Discovery: We presented creative territories based on their brand strategy, pulling in the red threads of ‘no ordinary cult’ and ‘making you the hero of the story’. These concepts were a lens we looked through at each stage, to ensured any designs amplified to the brand’s ethos.

Exploration: We began to look at typography, colour theory, iconography, patterning and art direction. We wanted to craft a brand system that could spotlight any of their pieces with ease and elegance. This stage culminated in an exploration workshop where together we made the design decisions for the brand we were going to build.

Concepting: This is where we experimented a lot with the ‘looped M’ device, playing with how it repeated across small and big spaces of all sizes as well as framing. Care was also taken to ensure there was no emphasis on ‘Cult’ or ‘Mia’ and that both were evenly in the lock-up. This was important so that the brand would always be read as one entity.

Refinement: The iconic ‘M’ that was used as the lead device and the patterning quickly became the stand-out mark. Something we could have a lot of fun with in the designs and roll out across the notional mock-ups to show all the different creative ways the new brand could be used. 

Delivery: The finalised brand system was robust yet fun, flexible and free from constraint. It enabled the Cult Mia team to create without fear.

Cult Mia rolled the brand out to great effect to their 34K strong Instagram audience. We love their brand, (their clothes), their tone of voice and their overall look and feel and can’t wait to see how they continue to use and push the boundaries of their new brand as they grow over the next few years.

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