When we were approached by Goolf, their brief was simple – change the game.

They were looking to us to work with them in totally shake up a traditionally stuffy sport. Shed the old-school reputation entirely and make something that felt completely fresh, something that would fit with how emerging players are starting to experience with the game.

As an existing Apple iOS and Google Play store app, Goolf was here for like-minded players to find, meet and golf with each other. Adding a new layer to how players could enjoy a game. Their challenge was that the current brand wasn’t reflective of the true nature of the vision, the guys behind the app, or the new players coming through.

To immerse ourself in the world, we took a team trip with the Goolf team to play some rounds.

Once we had a good handle on things, it was time to turn the world of golf upside down.

Starting with a foundational brand strategy, we interviewed the brand stakeholders and created three brand platforms to really drill down on the verbal identity of who Goolf were, what they do and why.

We quickly understood that we needed to re-align expectations and think differently because Goolf is a sign of the times by bringing a new spirit to the game. It’s a game for those who go against the grain and do things their way. Golf is the game of change and with Goolf we were doing just that.

We developed the brand idea behind Goolf of GAME ON. A beautifully simple heart to the brand that in two words captured who Goolf were and what they were trying to do. It encapsulated their playful personality and passionate game spirit.

We then created the visual identity over our four key project phases – discovery, exploration, concepting and delivery.

In discovery we reviewed the worlds in which the new brand could show up in. In exploration we distilled our findings down into the key new elements of the brand and defined the rules of the world. Then we created 3 beautiful new brand concepts and once we had a creative direction and a route, we collaborated with an artist to create their new illustration set.

We then refined the execution of the brand down, element by element, tweaking all the details before delivering Goolf their final brand bible and style guides.

The output of the brand identity included a lock-up we created which was designed as a responsive mark – operating at full width whilst also having the capacity to scale down for small screen sizes and work as an app icon. For this, we designed a custom ‘G’ based on the shape of a golf course that worked stand-alone and as part of the wider brand.

And to complete the identity, a key part of the brand’s visual language was the photography direction. It was important we helped define what the brand photography looked like to ensure we were showcasing the sport with Goolf’s voice and world view.

And now, we’re just super excited to see Goolf out there in the real world. With real Goolfers.

Golf player? Or just thinking about it and want someone new to play with? Download the Goolf app, available on the Apple & Google Play stores

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