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Swizzels Matlow have been making sweets since 1928. Best known for the invention of childhood classics: Love Hearts, Drumstick, Parma Violets, Fizzers and Refreshers bars – their confectionary has been enjoyed around the world for generations.

Based in Derbyshire, the brand is one of the longest running sweet factories in the world. Even with over 90 years of experience, they’re still looking for new and exciting ways to connect with modern consumers.

Every January, people across the world join in to mark “Veganuary”, giving up meat, fish, and dairy products in favour of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. 

To celebrate Veganuary, we were tasked with generating awareness of the existing snack ranges from Swizzels Matlow that consumers might not have realised were already vegan-friendly. The aim was to create a social campaign across Facebook and Instagram promoting their vegan range of sweets.

We designed a scalable art direction that could be used across the range throughout the whole month.

For each post, we developed impactful and eye-catching animations to bring the campaign to life and make sure we caught those all-important eyeballs within seconds. This ensured high conversion and engagement for the brand.

Each sweet has its own unique history and nostalgia to it, so it was important we incorporated the sweets’ own personalities and tones of voice, alongside the wider Swizzels brand, as well as the Veganuary messaging.

We delivered a bright, bold and evocative campaign that ran for the whole month of January on Swizzels’ global social channel.

Through our process and approach to social campaigns, we separated the target audience into five sub-genres – environmentalists, flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians, and sweet lovers. 

The aim of the campaign was to generate awareness amongst as many relevant people as possible across both Facebook and Instagram. By targeting the right audience, at the right time, with the right ad, we could ensure that awareness converted to brand engagement.

We ran ads across all the most popular products including Love Hearts, Choos, Rainbows and Parma Violets.

With a cost per video view of just 1p, the campaign performed extremely well, reaching new audiences and getting the Swizzels’ Veganuary message out to over 300,000 potential new customers.

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