Penhaligon’s Fragrance Profiling

What’s your fragrance personality?

Penhaligon’s wanted to offer an exciting fragrance profiling experience both online and in-store.

We were brought onto the scene in to help them with this, tasked with imagining something to guide customers on a journey of discovery.

We designed and built them an interactive game that could exist digitally and IRL in stores. By answering just a few questions, customers can unlock a treasure trove of fragrances curated to match their unique preferences and desires.

Our adventure began with the creation of a whimsical visual world inspired by the curious realms of 1890s phrenology and Freudian psychology. With intriguing symbols and playful nods to vintage, we set the stage for an unexpected labyrinth of scents.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Steve – Creative Direction
Andy – Motion Design
Guy – Frontend Developer
Sam – Managing Director



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