After running an immersion session with Casa Cook we uncovered their core and immediate creative goals: be more dynamic, less conventional and drive traffic to their direct sites.

The final strategic thread of this campaign was centred around the insight ‘Travel is transformative’. Our vision was to highlight how a Casa Cooks holiday is an investment in your identity and an opportunity to reflect and shake up your story.

We were able to put their existing imagery and UGC through this new lens, giving it fresh, editorial art direction and tone. Across media buys and social feeds, we then created aspirational moments that beckon travellers to pause and imagine themselves within the arms of Casa Cook’s indulgent hospitality.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Harm – Brand Partner
Gabie – Campaign Strategy
Jake – Creative Direction
Alisha – Graphic Design
Andy – Motion Design
Sam – Managing Director


Casa Cook, UK

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