The Legacy of Petra eau de parfum reveals warm desert winds and canyons yet undiscovered through the captivating blend of Myrrh oil and fennel seed.

And we were tasked to bring this world to life for launch. We built out the story, creating the idea of Petra as the star of 1930’s classic whodunnit movie’s. We shot scenes of the fragrances in the collection interacting with one another and even their supposed outtakes.

To support the launch, we also designed and build a digital game where you can play as an explorer, seeking the jewels of Petra. The shoot, creative, social comms and game brought the elements of the campaign to form a full 360-experience across online and in-store.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Steve – Creative Direction
Andy – Motion Design
Guy – Frontend Developer
Sam – Managing Director


Ondré – 3d Animation



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