After a smashing success with Jamie’s last book, we were excited to be back at it again. ONE is jam-packed with inventive techniques, speedy culinary inspo and kitchen cleanup tips. Wash-up? What wash-up?

For this punchy yet straightforward book concept, we cooked up a dynamic photoshoot that brought each chapter to life, adding essential longevity to what would need to become a lengthy campaign.

Armed with our fresh and beautiful culinary shots of home cooks in action, we whipped up a flexible campaign messaging house that distilled the cookbook’s ideology.

The final campaign effortlessly blends with and amplifies the book’s message – leaving both ourselves and the client thrilled with the result.

It takes a village.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Harm – Brand Partner
Harm – Brand Partner
Jake – Creative Direction
Lucy – Graphic Design
Andy – Motion Design
Sam – Managing Director


Chloe Hardwick – Photographer


Penguin, London
Jamie Oliver’s Team, London

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