Creating A Brand Platform To Revitalise The Nation

It doesn’t get more British than Buxton Natural Mineral Water. Coming from rain that falls upon the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Peak District, it’s naturally sourced and totally thirst-quenching.

Just like its birthplace, what you see is what you get with Buxton; purity that’s naturally pumped up, yet refreshingly down to earth. 

With that in mind, it always made sense that Buxton would want something equally refreshing in their brand interactions.  

Bottle of Buxton water Naturally pumped up with a branded van for the tour de france
A branded buxton van for the tour de france and a buxton landscape

Although Buxton Water is an established brand, they wanted to create a new platform that could drive awareness of the vitality that their water provides, whilst still retaining their British heritage and distinctive brand personality.

We loved the idea of this new venture, so we worked with them to deliver an end-to-end brand activation. This included a featured national TV spot as well as branded sponsorship of the London Marathon.

Canada Water tube station renamed Buxton Water for London Marathon

We put our heads together and created ‘Naturally Pumped Up’ – a brand platform and campaign strategy that perfectly bottled Buxton’s brand, showcasing the vitality and energising qualities they wanted to portray.

On the day of the London Marathon, we used the ‘Naturally Pumped Up’ strapline to draw attention to the campaign. We had branded delivery vans following the action and handing out Buxton Natural Mineral Water to runners, as well as supportive messaging across the marathon route. 

Canada Water tube station was also renamed Buxton Water – making it the first rebrand in the Tube’s history. We used branded artwork and roundels at the station to announce the day-long change and make a big impact on passers-by. 

Buxton water logo and a marketing activation
A man on a bike pumping hard for Buxton water

The brand activation was a big success, reaching huge audiences at the marathon, as well as through point-of-sale takeovers in supermarkets, a social competition that invited consumers to post ‘what pumps them up’, and a print campaign. 

We were really excited to work with Buxton on such a fun project, and can’t wait to see what they do next.

Buxton water at the london marathon. Banners and other branded materials

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