Wellington Estate

Branding A Piece Of British History

The Wellingtons have resided in Stratfield Saye since the first Duke of Wellington, following the Battle of Waterloo.

But today, 200 years later, the estate is made up of several businesses including a country park, local produce farm shop, rental properties, equestrian facilities and other sporting interests. 

It’s a lot to put under one name – so to tie all the interconnected identities together, the Wellington Estate looked to us at Wildish & Co to help. 

The estate needed a brand overhaul, a website and other digital assets that would create a consistent presence for the different faces of the company. 

The house charts the first Duke of Wellington’s military and political life through a compelling collection of historic paintings and furniture. With such a rich past, it was essential that we stripped the brand back to its historical core in order to develop an instantly recognisable identity across channels, from family to farm shop.

Using our specialist B2C experience, creative insight and visual direction, we delivered a master brand and a set of sub-brand identities to be used across the estate including the riding school, country park and farm shop. 

Each section now has its own unique style, digital presence and brand world that works both standalone and as part of the overall Wellington brand family. This helps the businesses to market to their own target audiences while not removing themselves from the overall brand.

The elegant, intimate home of the Duke since 1817 offers an intriguing insight into the life of the Great Duke of Wellington. 

What’s next? Wellington Wellbeing is opening in 2021. A bespoke, nurturing and healing environment, to restore balance to recharge and energise. We can’t wait to find out more.

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