SweatSearch is a new technology designed to connect personal trainers and sports experts with local audiences.

With its easy to use technology, customers can simply choose the time, place and price of their desired session and the SweatSearch system finds them the right fitness instructor.

It provides a simple and effective way for busy, working people to find local gym and workout classes that suit them and their lifestyle.

SweatSearch came to us for help creating their branding and identity from scratch.

Working with the founders, we were tasked with designing a brand system that felt fresh and didn’t buy into the same old ‘loud’ sports and gym branding we’ve all become accustomed to.

SweatSearch wanted an identity that would be relatable and attainable for their audience, with an emphasis on technology at the core.

The brand insight and tone was developed with the idea of progress over perfection – that you might not be quite ‘there yet’ and that’s ok.

It was designed be relatable and accessible for all kinds of gym-goers. We wanted to show the sweat that goes into a workout and avoid the ‘perfect gym’ look.

We defined the identity of the brand from every aspect – including the colour scheme, logo and other deliverables. We ensured that everything we designed could be easily integrated into all aspects of their marketing and social media.

“We explained what we wanted to stand for, and they grasped that.”


Co-Founder & Director

We helped redefine what a personal training app in your pocket could be, the space it could play in, and how to activate it on social. 

The SweatSearch brand identity was designed with personalisation in mind. We created strict shape and typographic rules for the brand so they could easily create content on-the-fly.

We also collaborated closely with the social agency to create a scalable and cohesive social presence for SweatSearch, delivering the creative collateral required to grow and launch an exciting new brand.

The new brand helps to establish SweatSearch as not only a start-up with good potential, but a real game changer in the sports industry. 

We’re looking forward to working on developing the SweatSearch website presence next – so watch this space!

“I have to emphasize the human side and ease of talking to Wildish. From speaking to the other companies, I was afraid that this was going to be an issue and that they’d force their ideas upon us, but this wasn’t the case at all.”


Co-Founder & Director

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