Nyet – A Brexit UK Border Farce

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When Boris and Olga arrive at the port of Dover with precious cargo, the border authorities, headed by the formidable Mrs. Pyke, uncover truths hidden – quite literally – within our protagonists.

‘NYET!’ is a short-film from Alex Helfrecht and Jorg Tittel. A comedy that mocks the UK’s post-Brexit future with absurdity tinged with darkness thanks to the inescapable reality of the film’s subject matter.

Starring Olivia Williams alongside newcomers Gabriella Moran and Dimitri Gripari this movie holds up an unsettling look at a post-Brexit world, one in which Dover is saturated with standstill traffic as border forces search for black market European food products.

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Filmmakers, Alex and Jorg, sought us out at Wildish & Co. after spotting our irreverent world view in the Friday Project work.

They wanted to work with an agency who wouldn’t just fulfil the brief, but go above and beyond as well, bringing the film’s black humour to life with a sharp wit (something not that difficult considering the country’s sorry state of affairs).

They needed strong branding as well as creative assets to advertise the film ahead of a live Q&A debate with the directors. 

We worked with the production team to deliver the film’s branding and creative along with online assets. We also provided design support for print and digital assets for the debate which were displayed on the London Underground.

We delivered merchandise such as notebooks, apparel and posters for the film as well as part of the UK launch. Like all the actors in the movie, we also gave our time for free to support the movie and the message in any way we could.

Nyet film premiere with posters and flyers

The short film was acquired by Sky and made available to millions, helping to spread its politically-charged message via its dark surrealist tone. 

In such troubling and complex times, helping ‘NYET! – A Brexit U.K. Border Farce’ to reach and engage with as many audiences as possible was the least we could do. It was a brilliant project to be a part of.

Nyet film still, the customs officer tries the package

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