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For over 30 years, the nutritional yeast market has stayed the same without innovation or development. But whilst the product has stayed the same, the vegan audience and interests has evolved rapidly. 

Nutritional yeast is now used as a secret weapon for the ultimate plant-based cheese kick, so why wasn’t there a product to accommodate this?

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated form of raising agent, which provides a range of different vitamins and minerals – but used as an ingredient in vegan and plant-based food, it can mimic the flavour of cheese.

With the rise of the vegan lifestyle movement, and more and more people opting for the dairy-free diet, it seemed high time that nutritional yeast had the glow-up it deserves.

We decided to challenge ourselves to give it its moment and bring it back into the spotlight by developing our own company – Notorious Nooch.

The Notorious Nooch company was founded on the idea that it could become everything the existing products were not – bold, inventive, innovative and fun – reflecting the way vegans really use nutritional yeast in this day and age.

We built Notorious Nooch from the ground-up, developing everything from the name, brand strategy, branding, photography & digital.

By creating a highly custom Shopify Plus site that integrated completely into the fulfilment centre, we enabled the brand to really stand-out from the crowd and develop its audience with a subscription offering.

In the UK market, there was only ever one real player in the nutritional yeast market, but it’s a product that hasn’t evolved in decades.

We took this concept and turned it on its head, transforming it from a traditional vitamin supplement, to a modern ingredient for vegan junk food.

We created a cool brand with a real personality and tone of voice, giving it a fun, slightly nostalgic and a little bit hippie vibe. We released two great flavours – cheese and bacon – but look forward to watching our brand grow and increasing our product offering along the way.

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