Kabuto Noodles

A Challenger Brand Fit For Samurai's

Intrepid traveller & CEO, Crispin Busk, came back from Asia inspired. He’d fallen in love with the food, the way of life and most of all – the flavours. He’d recognised that back in the UK instant noodles were flavourless and packed full of preservatives, so he set out to do something about it. 

He re-invented the instant noodle.

Kabuto was born in 2010 and since then, they’ve hit the shelves in supermarkets around the country. They’ve released exciting new flavours, showcased big campaigns in London and finally made their debut across the pond in America.

“Everything we do is rooted in bringing a fresh take to the table. One noodle at a time. It might be a small drop in the pot but, to us, that’s the perfect place to start.”

Crispin Busk

Owner, Kabuto Noodles

That was the ethos on which Kabuto was founded, and our approach at Wildish & Co. was no different.

As Kabuto’s hard-earned efforts began paying off, they found themselves in all major UK supermarkets. They were growing and needed to move quickly so Kabuto approached us with a brief to translate and build out their brand presence.

We were tasked to design and build a beautiful, responsive site that encapsulated their warrior spirit along with bringing their print & social campaigns to life, and promoting the health benefits of their noodles.

Vector illustration of chopsticks and a pot of yummy Kabuto Noodles
“I didn’t understand why food that’s convenient needs to be bland and predictable.”

Crispin Busk

Owner, Kabuto Noodles

With our help, Kabuto established the ‘Kabuto My Office’ programme, where they gave hard working noodle lovers the chance to win free noodles for their entire team.

We also created a fun and memorable brand experience that is genuinely changing the conversation around what’s possible when it comes to innovating classic foods that have long gone ignored. 

Now that’s two sticks to the air.

We really wanted to expand on the already established Kabuto brand world to create a style that was iconic and tribal, something its consumers could really get behind. We think that’s what we’ve done here.

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun with the Kabuto Noodles brand. With its impactful and versatile identity, we were given a platform to really experiment with. From mobile-friendly web designs to merchandise and vans, we have imagined a whole range of concepts for where the Kabuto brand can go.

What’s next, Kabuto?

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