TOGETHER by Jamie Oliver & Penguin Random House

Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook, Together: Memorable Meals, Made Easy by Penguin Random House, was developed throughout the early stages of the pandemic during multiple lockdowns.

It’s an optimistic and celebratory book that aims to provide inspiration and recipe ideas for the special moments and celebrations that we’d all missed so much over the past couple of years and had been so looking forward to.

Whether cooking for two or eight people, the book offers something for everyone, including tips on adapting recipes for vegetarian and vegan guests, visual inspiration for table dressing and styling, as well as “instagrammable” menu ideas.

By creating a series of Facebook, Instagram, VOD and Pinterest ad sets, our creative campaign champions the book photography in a grid layout centred around the message, “Let’s Get Together”.

Our focus was to reflect the moments and occasions of coming together, to inspire people to entertain their guests with minimal stress. We wanted to reflect the structure of the book but also the feelings we’ve all missed out on over the past couple of years.

The campaign was also cleverly designed to be customised throughout the year in order to maintain relevancy and momentum through the Christmas period and beyond for the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Netherlands.

The team at Penguin came to us because they know we put strategy at the heart of everything we do. They wanted to utilise our strong knowledge of cultural landscape, our deep understanding of category, as well as robust consumer insights to help them build creative and imaginative brand imagery.

Focusing on the functions of food and how it can be anything you want or need it to be, we were challenged with creating a campaign for the book that celebrates the art of cooking and how it can help nourish, heal, entertain, surprise and comfort one another and, above all, is the greatest way of bringing the people you love together.

It was fantastic to be part of the launch campaign of such a timely book. From the off we wanted to create a tangible sense of joy and celebration throughout the creative, which we think we delivered.

We reflected the key elements of the book through various layers of the creative campaign, delivering an emotive and exciting creative for Penguin Random House to promote Jamie Oliver’s brilliant new book.

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