Originally founded in Mexico, In The Wild is a natural skincare brand that takes inspiration from the spirit of a local animal – the jaguar.

Admiring the jaguar’s ability to beat all the odds and adapt to its new environment amidst over-hunting and deforestation, In The Wild created an organically grown, plant-based skincare range based on the same principle.

Helping people to adapt and thrive.

We were tasked with creating the whole brand identity for the company – including their name, tone of voice, website and campaign messaging.

As an anti-allergen, animal-friendly, GMO-free brand, In The Wild take great care in responsible sourcing and high quality output of their products.

They wanted this to be reflected in their brand identity, and challenged us to change our perspectives and come up with something that was anti-industry and anti-everything we’re used to seeing from standard beauty brands.

It was so important when developing their name, tone of voice, messaging and strategy that we reflected who they were – in a way that was clear and straightforward enough for everyone inside and outside the organisation to get to grips with quickly.

For the bright and beautiful jaguar artwork, we commissioned a talented illustrator to create the exact asset we required so that we could have total commercial ownership and flexibility with the designs, helping us to create a highly unique and memorable brand in the beauty space.

Alongside the complete brand identity, we also delivered the packaging and patterning for their new CBD moisturiser, ensuring it was ready to be launched in the UK alongside the whole range.

In The Wild is a business that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of beauty, and much like the jaguar, we wanted to follow their lead and take a risk with the branding.

The result was a vibrant and exciting brand identity that really reflects the values of the company and speaks to a new type of beauty customer – one that isn’t afraid of new ingredients, new realities and new environments.

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