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A New Product Launch That's Full Of Beans

Founded by Fergus Chamberlain after a visit to Oaxaca in 2012, Gran Luchito offers UK consumers an authentic taste of Mexico for their own kitchens. 

Hugely passionate about bringing the real taste of Mexico to homes around the world, Gran Luchito wants you to discover the joy of cooking and sharing Mexican food. From the start, they’ve always challenged the status quo with a fighting spirit, after all, the name Gran Luchito translated means “Great Little Fighter”.

Their products include everything you need to make authentic Mexican meals at home, including salsas, pastes, sauces, taco shells, tortilla chips, spice mixes and more. 

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As fans of the brand at Wildish & Co, we reached out to Gran Luchito with fresh ideas around creative executions and activations as a brand we knew, loved and wanted to work with. 

The timing coincided with Gran Luchito’s latest product launch, Refried Beans, being launched in the UK in the summer of 2019.

To date, Refried Beans in the UK have had a bad rap — typically tinned, mushed and brown. Gran Luchito wanted to change that with a product made in Mexico from an authentic, traditional recipe.

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Gran Luchito decided to do things differently with slowly simmered pinto beans with smoky chipotle chillies, red peppers and Mexican spices for restaurant-style Refried Beans. 

We designed creatives concepts around this idea of ‘rediscovery’ and challenging the consumers’ traditional expectations of refried beans.

For design inspiration, we turned to the classic covers of 1970s Mexican wrestling magazine, ‘Lucha Libre’ made famous by director Valente Perez, sub-director Jose Luis Valerois and chief photographer, Rafael Carrillois.

gran luchito street ad wildish

Emulating this style as a perfect connection between the spirited tone of the messaging and the existing brand identity, we held a shoot to create their very own classic Lucha Libre-style covers with a view to catch people’s attentions, and ultimately have consumers re-think a mostly forgotten product.

We’ve never looked at Refried Beans in the same way since, and our Mexican nights are never complete without a packet from Gran Luchito! 


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